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TM is Easy to Learn

The first step in learning Transcendental Meditation is to attend a free Introductory Talk by a certified TM teacher (60 minutes).

Talks are held at the Adelaide TM Centre located at 190 Greenhill Rd, Parkside and by appointment in the Southern Regions of Adelaide.

-    Wednesday at 6:00pm

The talks are free and everyone is welcome. Bookings are required.

Please call 8271 7777 or complete the contact form on the left, thank you.

In the Transcendental Meditation Introductory Talk we discuss:

  • How the Transcendental Meditation technique can benefit you
  • How TM works - the process of transcending
  • How TM differs from other meditation practices
  • The Course structure and what to expect when you learn

If you can't make the above times, please watch the video below for a great briefing by celebrity trainer Bobby Roth.

If you would then like to learn Transcendental Meditation kindly complete the form on the left and we will be in touch with you.

Watch the video above for an introduction to TM by Bob Roth (20:44)

Personal Instruction

tecTo ensure maximum effectiveness, a highly trained and experienced teacher provides personal ‘one-to-one’ instruction at each step of learning to ensure correct practise of the Transcendental Meditation – Personal Instruction is then followed by a series of classes over the following 3 consecutive days.
This ensures that everyone has both the correct experience and intellectual understanding necessary  to master the technique by the end of the initial 4day course.

Accredited Teachers

To ensure the highest quality of teaching and the best results, Transcendental Meditation can only be taught by Certified TM Teachers through not-for-profit educational organisations licensed to use the registered trade mark "Transcendental Meditation®".

Accredited Transcendental Meditation Teachers at the Adelaide Centre; Peter Fenwick, Ngaire Manson and Pamela Rowen all have many years personal experience practising TM as well as many years teaching the technique to thousands of people, and facilitating courses around Australia.

Is My Teacher Accredited?

To confirm that the person offering to teach you the Transcendental Meditation technique is accredited, enquire through the Transcendental Meditation Australia website.

Lifetime Follow Up

After being taught Transcendental Meditation from an accredited teacher, you are eligible to attend group meditation and meditators knowledge sessions at our Adelaide TM centre, and at any accredited Transcendental Meditation centre, worldwide for life.

Course Schedule

See our course schedule page.