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More rewarding relationships and happier family life

During Transcendental Meditation the mind naturally settles to the infinite reservoir of peace and happiness within and the body gains deep rest which releases stress and fatigue. After just 20 minutes of TM we feel rejuvenated, more connected with greater clarity and more to give.

We bring our best selves to our relationships.

Research has found that with regular practice of Transcendental Meditation broader comprehension, emotional maturity and self-esteem improve. Tolerance increases, as well as the ability to cope with challenging situations.

A  study of executives and employees in the automotive industry found that after three months of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, participants showed improved work and personal relationships in comparison to controls from the same work sites. Reference: Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal 6: 245-262, 1993



“As you practise Transcendental Meditation as the basis for action, for bringing more of yourself into your work, so, too, in a relationship, you meditate as the basis for bringing more of yourself into the relationship.  Only by giving more will you receive more.”

-    Bruce Brooks (award winning author)


“Transcendental Meditation has allowed me to experience the depth of love that is within me. It has allowed me to become more aware of my own feelings, desires and needs so that I am able to relate more clearly to the feelings, desires and needs of others. You can only relate to other people based on how you relate to yourself. If you have love in your heart, but your love is buried under stress, its lost. Since I have been practising TM, I have found that love has become a continuum in my life. The love within me comes up and supports me and my activities all the time.”

- Penelope Brooks wife of Author, Bruce Brooks