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Adelaide Course Schedule

Step 1: Initial Course

Transcendental Meditation is taught in a structured course by qualified teachers.

The course provides both step by step personal instruction and the intellectual understanding necessary to master the technique as well as personal follow-up sessions with your teacher.

Instruction in Transcendental Meditation takes place over 4 consecutive days- about 2 hours each day.

Transcendental Meditation Initial Course Structure:

Courses are usually held from Saturday to Tuesday:
Saturday:  1hour personal instruction when you learn the technique (at a time that suits you)
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

We also run day time courses by appointment.
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Step 2: Follow – up Programme

A rich and rewarding follow-up programme is offered to ensure continuing success and includes:

  • Personal meditation sessions with your teacher
  • Weekly group meditation meetings with a wonderful variety of stimulating lectures to inspire you and deepen your meditation experience, offered for life- at any TM Centre around the world.


Course Tuition Fee:

Transcendental Meditation is a registered Not for Profit Educational Organisation.

The course tuition fee depends on your personal circumstances and can be paid in three monthly payments 

Adult Course Fee:  $500 + $500 + $500 = $1500

Couple or Family Fee includes children of school going age: $750 + $750 +$750 = $2250

Full-time Student Fee: $250 + $250 +$250 = $750

The course tuition fee covers everything you need to practice the TM technique for life, and includes:

  • The Transcendental Meditation initial highly personalized course of instruction which enables you to master the technique and practise it for life- giving profound scientifically verified benefits in all areas of life, plus a life time of free follow up.
  •  A lifetime of follow - up: weekly group meditations and a wonderful variety of stimulating lectures to inspire you and deepen your meditation experience available to you at any TM Centre around the world.
  • Personal follow-up: ‘one to one’ sessions with your teacher available at your convenience for one year, to fine-tune and support your practice.


Ongoing programs for people who have learnt Transcendental Meditation